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Utah Offroad Recovery Team (UORRT) was formed to provide recovery services for off road enthusiests who need help recovering their vehicles after accidents that sometimes happen off-road. Members of the team are volunteers who provide services on their own time at their own expense. If you need recovery services reach out to the team to help you out. The team recieves no payment of any type. 

Note: UORRT will not compete with commercial recovery services. If any commercial recovery service is responding, UORRT will not perform the recovery. In situations where a commercial offroad recovery company exists we may refer you to that business.            

Rolled Nissan Pathfinder in wilderness
Requirements for Recovery
  • Not Accessible via Tow Truck or Wrecker service
  • No commercial offroad recovery service in the area of the disabled vehicle
  • Photos of the situation of the vehicle requiring recovery
  • GPS Location of the vehicle requiring recovery
Pencil drawing checkmarks inside checkboxes
Team Member Qualifications
  • FEMA ICS 100 and 200 Training
  • Basic First Aid Certification
  • Ham Radio Technician License
Connecting a winch hook to a crosby shackel
Team Member Minimum Equipment  
  • 4x4 with good recovery points
  • Tow strap with loop ends
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • 72 Hour go bag
  • ABC Fire Extinguisher

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